Getting to BYO

Laney College Theater and G Building

900 Fallon St

Oakland, Alameda County 94607


Across Fallon Street from Lake Merritt BART

9th Street ends on Fallon at the entrance to Laney College

Laney Community Theater and G Building are to the right


Most Saturdays, free parking is available at the former Kaiser Convention Center next to the Oakland Museum. Parking is available on surrounding streets. You may need change for the meters. The BART parking lot is free on weekends. The Oakland Museum parking garage is also an option.


Concert goers should use the upper level public entrance ​to the theater as indicated in the map graphic above.

Rehearsals and Auditions

Musicians and chaperons should use the lower level stage entrance as indicated in the map graphic above. On non-concert days the main entrance is typically locked.