Practice-A-Thon 2019 (2020 info coming soon!)

Saturday, September 21—Thursday, October 31, 2019

40 Days of Music Practice!

What is the Practice-a-Thon?

The annual Practice-a-Thon is BYO’s most important fundraising event of the year! The money raised during the Practice-a-Thon, helps keep BYO’s tuition low and subsidizes operational costs, including tuition scholarships.  It also incentivizes our young musicians to practice in preparation for the first concert of the season! This year we will again donate 10% of sponsorship proceeds to charity.  


How does it work?


1) Find Sponsors: Musicians will contact their family, neighbors, friends, co-workers, and anyone else they can think of and ask them to make a pledge. 

2) Keep Track of One’s Practice Time: Every day, musicians will log their practice time on the PRACTICE LOG SHEET. What counts as practice time?  Any time spent playing your BYO instrument (at home, at rehearsal, at school, etc.), plus practice on any other instrument that you play.  All rehearsal and lesson time in which musicians are playing an instrument can also count!


3) Collect the Pledges: At the end of the Practice-a-Thon duration, musicians will calculate their total donations and collect the monies pledged. The sponsor form, the practice form, and the funds collected should be turned in during the November Saturday rehearsals on either November 2nd, 9th or 13th.


4) Earn Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to musicians based on the level of fundraising dollars raised.    



Let’s make it happen!  We are seeking 100% musician participation.

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