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Concert Program Sponsorship

note: confirmed sponsors can checkout at the donation page.

BYO is regarded as one of the finest youth orchestral programs in the Bay Area, and for 50+ years has provided the highest quality classical music experience to young people of all backgrounds. Excellence and accessibility are at the core of our mission, and we are excited to partner with businesses, arts organizations, schools, and universities in our community who share these values.

As a sponsor of our concert program books, your content will be given a placement the size and location of which depends on your sponsorship amount (see lists below). This will reach an audience of exemplary young musicians, their families, friends, local music teachers, and other attendees.

Concert Sponsorship Submission Timelines

In order for us to produce the concert programs in a timely fashion, please complete your submissions by the following dates. This means both the image and payment need to be received by the indicated submission deadline.

Concert Name

Concert Date

Submission Deadline

2 page spread
back cover
full page
half page
quarter page

Sponsorship Levels

Please see below for a variety of placement types. You get more out of your sponsorship by supporting two or more concerts.

note: confirmed sponsors can checkout at the donation page.

Placement Format

One Concert

Two Concerts

All Three Concerts

Two Page Spread (color)

$ 350.00

$ 595.00

$ 787.00

Back Cover (color)

$ 350.00

$ 595.00

$ 787.00

Two Page Spread (b/w)

$ 250.00

$ 425.00

$ 562.00

Full Page (color)

$ 250.00

$ 425.00

$ 562.00

Full Page (b/w)

$ 180.00

$ 306.00

$ 405.00

Half Page (b/w)

$ 130.00

$ 221.00

$ 292.00

Quarter Page (b/w)

$ 75.00

$ 127.00

$ 168.00

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