Raise-a-Thon (2021-22 season)


This Season's Fundraising Kickoff Event!

(9/26/21 - 11/30/21)

What is the Raise-a-Thon?

This annual kickoff event is perhaps BYO’s most important fundraising event of the year! This event has never been more important than for this current season of pandemic in-person play. The money raised during the Raise-a-Thon will help keep BYO’s tuition low, subsidize increased operational costs due to this pandemic season, and enable us to keep our commitment to providing need-based tuition scholarships.


How does it work?


1. Personalize the Raise-a-Thon Fundraiser Memo email: A fundraising sample email letter will be forwarded from BYO Manager to Musicians/Parents prior to 9/26.  Musicians/parents can copy-paste the letter into their email content and send the fundraising email request to as many family/friends/neighbors as they can think of.    

2. Musicians can add a personal message to their fundraising email/memo. Aside from sending it out as an email, musician can also choose to send the fundraising request via social media to garner interest and visibility to this fundraising effort.   


3. The Memo will have a donation link to our BYO fundraising event.  Donors can simply click the link and be directed to our Raise-a-Thon page in order to make donations.  Link will also ask donors to indicate which Musician they are sponsoring which will enable BYO to keep track of donations brought in by each musician.


4. Earn Prizes.  Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 Musicians who garner the most Raise-a-Thon fundraising dollars for our orchestra.  Another prize will be offered to the Musician who sends out the most emails for this fundraise effort.         



Let’s make it happen! 

We are seeking 100% musician participation.