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Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

BYO values every musician, celebrates the unique contributions each makes to the orchestra, and strives to reflect the rich diversity of our surrounding communities. We are committed to the personal and musical growth of our young musicians, and recognize growth can only be achieved when all are welcomed in, heard, and appreciated. We stand in solidarity with our musicians, families, and communities to dismantle the systems that create inequality and strive to make the BYO full orchestral experience accessible to young musicians of all races, gender identities, religions, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. We know that sharing the stage and making music with a diverse group of peers will build community and leaders within the next generation.

The BYO Staff and Board of Directors are committed to expanding diversity, equity, and inclusion in our music programming, operations, outreach, and scholarship programs. This will be accomplished by:


  • Rehearsing and performing more works from composers from underrepresented groups and learning about what inspired them to write each work.


  • Increasing fundraising for scholarships, making scholarships available to more musicians, and striving to meet 100% of demonstrated financial need.


  • Actively recruiting musicians from underrepresented communities and working to remove barriers to participation such as access to instruments, language, transportation, and other restraints.


  • Supporting efforts to increase diversity in the orchestra Staff and Board of Directors to reflect the racial and ethnic makeup of the musicians and the communities for which we serve.

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