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Calling for Web Site Volunteers

So far we've had great response from folks volunteering to contribute towards our new website. But as we started to meet and organize I'm realizing we can use even more help. I've opened up more positions (all 20hrs, so any one of them will meet your volunteer hour commitments).

  • If you have any web dev background, we can definitely use you.

  • If you are a careful reader and a clear communicator, we can use you as an editor or content manager.

  • If you have interest in managing our online shop (not yet launched), we definitely need help there as well.

  • we've barely scratched the surface on SEO. If you even know what these letters stand for, you can probably help us.

There are probably things you can do for our website that I haven't even thought of. Suggest it!

Please take a look at the volunteer signup list or contact me directly.

Thank you!!



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