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Enrollment Now Open: Fall 2023

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

The Laney Enrollment Forms have been updated for the Fall 2023 semester. All BYO members who wish to continue with BYO next season MUST enroll through Laney College. Follow the following steps to complete:

1. Complete Online Laney Application (for NEW students):

1b. If you are a returning student, please log into your CCC account and make sure that your account is still listed as active. If so, you do not need to fill out another application. Please make note of your Peralta Student ID number.

2. Print off special enrollment form:

3. Completely fill out form and please note the new class code information for Fall 2023 (Do not forget to have your musician sign).

  1. Class Code 41653

  2. Dept. & Number: Music 52A - L1L

  3. Title: Orchestra

  4. Hours: 8:30AM-12:20PM

  5. Days: SA

  6. Room: Laney College - In Person

  7. Instructor: Lehmann

  8. Units: 1

4. Bring form to your school and get it stamped and signed by your school counselor and/or principal.

5. Submit a photo of your special enrollment form to (please copy along with a clear copy of your musician's student ID or passport. Note that if you do not include a picture of your child's photo ID, your musician's enrollment will not be completed.

Please complete as soon as possible. We highly recommend completing this process before the summer when it becomes much more difficult to get the required signatures from your school offices. Because of these forms, we are able to practice at Laney for free which greatly reduces tuition. No late enrollments will be accepted.


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