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Volunteer Sign-up is launched

We launched volunteer-signup late Wednesday (9/6). Some of you found it right away and started reserving volunteer shifts. The email announcement didn't go out until early Thursday. I was so excited to see everyone jumping on it. This being only my second season with BYO I hadn't quite anticipated the magnitude of the volunteering spirit.

Unfortunately the signup web app suffered under this level of activity and various bugs started to show up right away.

Some of you experienced the inability to add and/or remove shifts, and this problem didn't get fully resolved until the late afternoon. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and thank you all for your patience. I want to emphasize that all known issues have been resolved. So if you encounter issues, that's something new which I'll like to know about right away.

A few have asked that I help remove certain signups, which I was happy to oblige. A couple people have asked that I create the sign-up on your behalf. While that is do-able, I'm reluctant to do so because,

  1. I believe that volunteering is an individual commitment, and not one that someone else should make on your behalf, and

  2. if you're not able to do the signup then perhaps there is another bug lurking which I'd like to examine

I understand that there is some urgency to grab the shifts that really resonate with you. But if you encounter issues signing up please contact me by email ( I am checking that very diligently (several times an hour) from now until the Parents' Meeting on Saturday (9/7) where I'll be able to answer your questions and assist you in person.

Until then thank you again for your patience.

-Charlie (


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