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Luna Alonso-Glasner

Artist in Residence

Bay Area-born and raised Luna Alonso-Glasner began studying piano when she was six years old, and began the cello at the age of nine. She played in youth orchestras throughout her childhood and continued orchestra and other musical studies in college. Although classically trained, after college she began bringing the cello into the music genres she had grown up with at home, including Afro-Cuban Charanga music, and other Latin genres. 

Currently Luna is a private cello instructor and musician, and plays in a duo with her partner. She is honored to return to BYO having been a student herself! Luna brings 10 years of experience as a music teacher and cross-discplinary educator. As a music teacher, she likes to center learning in enjoyment and is dedicated to the personal growth of each of her students.

Luna Alonso-Glasner
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